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Company team is grateful for choosing our product. Our experts will be happy to help resolve the issues relating to the warranty or maintenance. Our company provides warranty and post warranty maintenance of goods, as well as, service services, if necessary.

Warranty support

Guarantee happens to be when user observes operation conditions and storage of goods. The warranty period is indicated on the packaging. The guarantee takes effect from the date of purchase.

The warranty on the product don’t apply to the following malfunctions:

  • natural wear and tear or depletion of the resource (resource expenditure that is indicated on the packaging, the product or in the instructions of some products (components, parts) are not considered to broken-down and can’t be returned or exchanged. These include: disposable electronic cigarettes (hookahs), clearomizers, removable vaporizers, cartridges, tanks, liquid for filling, mouthpieces and other heating elements and its parts);
  • thread stripping at excessive use of force;
  • sunken central contact (pin) of accumulator, boksmod, mehmod or other device in any way.
    When you use clearomizers, bakomizers, cartomizers or other parts of vaporization (atomizers, tanks, obats etc.), be careful, don’t screw them to the accumulator forcefully until snug, as this may cause to the damage of battery pack, and as a consequence, to a denial of warranty service.
  • accidental damage to the goods (defects caused by the client);
  • damage caused by unintended use of the goods or violating of storage and use rules;
  • damage caused by accidental current increase or step down in electric network;
  • damage caused by improper connection to electric network or to another device;
  • damage caused by a lack of timely connection to the power supply (battery charger). Example: long-term storage of accumulator in a discharged condition causes to malfunction;
  • damage caused by natural disasters (natural phenomena);
  • damage due to a negligent attitude or use of the device without proper care (liquid or dust impact, mechanical damage, foreign bodies getting into the jar, noncompliance of temperature conditions);
  • damage caused by defects in the system, where this product was used or resulting from product connection to other products;
  • damage caused by the change of software (firmware replacing);

Pay attention! Evaporators, clearomizers, disposable electronic cigarettes (hookahs), cartomizers, atomizers, cigarette holders (drip-tip) with opened packaging, discounted products, as well as the basics (components) for the liquid production for electronic cigarettes, hookahs, cigars, liquid for electronic cigarettes, hookahs, cigars and other liquids which are necessary for the use and exploitation of electronic cigarettes, hookahs, cigars are a consumable item, they are non-exchangeables and beyond repair.

Please, before you buy, make sure that this product / flavor / nicotine level / capacity you want to purchase.

Please check the quality and completeness of the goods immediately after purchase (receipt from the courier) in the presence of the seller (the courier). If the defect or incompleteness detected by Vendor (Courier), which sold (delivered) you a product, commodity exchanges directly in a shop or returned to the courier (in case of remote ordering). Otherwise, the goods with the claim regarding defects “mechanical damage” or “shortage” is not accepted.

If the defect or incompleteness are found in the presence of the seller (the courier), which have sold (delivered) you a product, it is exchanged directly in a shop or returned to the courier (in case of distal ordering). Otherwise, the product with the claim concerning the defects “mechanical damage” or “incompleteness” is not accepted.

Please note that the cost of defective components and replacement parts return is paid by the buyer.

If product, to which the guarantee was given, is failed, contact the actual place of the product purchase or call us.


Service maintenance

If the product is not under warranty, you will be offered an alternative option (paid repair or exchange with your additional payment) product maintenance service. The amount of additional payment will depend on the product cost.

Exchange / return terms of improper quality goods

Article 8. According to the Law of Ukraine “On Protection of Consumers’ Rights”:

In case of deficiencies detection for a specified warranty period consumer, in the manner and within the time limits established by law, has the right to demand: discount of free elimination of goods defects within a reasonable time; repayment of expenses for elimination of goods defects. Exchange / return delivery of the goods of inadequate quality is carried out by the buyer at his own expense. The requirements of the consumer provided in this Article shall not be satisfied if the seller, manufacturer (a company that meets the demands of the consumer, established the first part of this article) prove that the defects of the goods occurred due to violation of rules of use of a consumer product or its storage. The consumer has the right to participate in the verification of the quality of the goods directly or through a representative.

Full text of the current law: http://zakon2.rada.gov.ua/laws/show/1023-12

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