Юджин (Youjin) 30/70 1.5mg/ml 50ml фото

Base 30/70 1,5mg/ml 50ml

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The base Youjin 30/70 is a ready-made liquid for making juices for electronic cigarettes. It may be used all alone or you may add different flavors you like best to make really original flavor compositions. This base is also called «Velvet Cloud».

Bottle 50ml

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Опис товару

Youjin 30/70 is characterized by high glycerin (VG) content – 70% providing an intensive vaporization with a smooth taste. The base also contains 30% of propylene glycol. This base can be recommended for higher-powered vapes with higher temperatures.

The e-liquid Youjin 30/70 is produced with and without nicotine (0mg/ml).

Three levels of nicotine base are available according to the quantity of nicotine:

  • 1,5 mg/ml;
  • 3 mg/ml;
  • 6 mg/ml.

Use: Atomizers with big liquid supply tubes, drip atomizers.

Youjin 30/70 is delivered in food-grade polyethylene bottles of 50ml, 100ml and 250ml.

Buying the biggest volume you get more liquid at the best price.


  • High purity propylene glycol USP/EP produced by INEOS N.V., Germany;
  • High purity glycerin USP/EP produced by Galaconchemie GmbH, Germany.
  • High purity nicotine produced by Merck GmbH, Germany.

High quality, pure taste, absence of water, compatibility with any flavors and exact percentage of components are the main advantages of Youjin 30/70.

If you want to know the best base for your DIY liquid, contact our consultant.

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100ml, 250ml, 50ml


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