Youjin – e-liquid for electronic cigarettes

Use of liquids «Youjn» is possible for any electronic devices. They are suitable to more modern modes, boksmodes and previously manufactured electronic cigarettes.

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Serie of liquids «Youjn» consists of six most popular flavors among vapers.

Content of liquids regardless of preferred taste are distinguished by flavors that are used and by amount of nicotine.

Basic flavors:

  • Tobacco;
  • Fruit;
  • Berry.

All flavors are available in four levels of the fortress with different nicotine content (0%, 0.6%; 1.2%; 1.8%). They are distinguished by the color of the cap.

Green – 0% (no nicotine)
Blue – 0.6% (low or light)
Orange – 1.2% (medium)
Red – 1.8% (high)

All flavours are made from natural quality ingredients, have a bright rich taste and aroma, without harmful chemicals and synthetic additives.

The liquid consists of:

  • Food propylene glycol;
  • Vegetable glycerin;
  • Food flavorings identical to natural;
  • Nicotine (in nicotine liquids);
  • Water.

Precautions against children and animals:

At the opening of the bottle, cap should be pressed to the bottle and unscrew. Each bottle has a protective seal and packed in a PET wrap. Special thin nozzle is provided for filling devices of any design.

Expiration dating period is 3 years from the production date.