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Electronic cigarettes history and modernity

In 1950 for the first time there are views on the possible health hazards and relation of smoking with lung diseases. In 1964 an official statement about direct effects of smoking on the emergence of lung cancer comes out in the United States. Advertising of tobacco products is prohibited. In 1973 restrictions on smoking in public places are introduced. Much attention is given to the fight against smoking. All this prepared the ground for the appearance of an alternative to tobacco smoking.

At the beginning of XXI century first models of electronic cigarettes appear, and they create serious competition to the tobacco corporations.
2003 is considered as the year of the invention of the electronic cigarette.

Dependence on smoking and misfortune that happened with his father caused the scientist chemist from Hong Kong Hong Lik (Хон Лик) to focus on creating the device, maximally replacing the conventional process of smoking.

Хон Лик фотоAt that time he officially worked in the «Golden Drahon Holding» pharmaceutical corporation. In 2003, Hong Lik patented invention as a “flameless cigarette spray.”

About a year has passed, and in 2004 there is a first industrial prototype of the electronic cigarette. After that, second patent for the production of e-cigarettes was received. The patent included technology that is used to this day, in spite of further modification and improvement. «Golden Drahon Holding» Company changes its name to “Ruyan” (translation “like smoke”) and manufactures the first batch of the new product. Popularity and interest of these device increases, though the initial cost was quite high. Now electronic cigarettes are manufactured in 50 countries. A variety of produced models allows satisfy any wishes of vaping supporters. Today it is not just the industry it has its own subculture, subject to certain rules of conduct and norms. There was a chain of Vape-cafes, clubs, online shops and retail stores. The rate of popularization and increasing quality requirements lead to further improvement of the electronic evaporation devices.

In 2005-2006 the number of companies, producing e-cigarettes and liquid for filling increase.

In 2007 electronic cigarette, very similar in appearance to a conventional cigarette, is produced.

E-cigarette design is constantly improving, respectively, features and functions increase, new-shape model-modes or else battery packs appear. Current models can be mechanical and automatic.

Just recently, in 2015 modes with thermal control (TC) function appear. And now, all well-known manufacturers are trying to produce devices for evaporation with TC function. There are many models of e-cigarettes, which combine the functions of varivatt and varivolt.

Company “Komfort i K”

The company “Komfort i K” is one of the founders of the market of electronic cigarettes in Ukraine.

Cooperation with the world’s best manufacturers, wide range of goods and necessary components makes it possible to satisfy growing demands of our Ukrainian consumers.

Main activities of the company “Komfort i K”:

  • Electronic cigarettes TM Youjn;
  • Liquid for filling e cigarettes of our own production TM «Youjin»;
  • Accessories and components.

TM «Youjin» manufacture of electronic cigarettes and liquid (Youjin) for the market of Ukraine started in 2010. Youjin Liquids are presented with 6 variants of taste, made of high-quality components, have a distinct taste and aroma.

Quality of service, liability to clients and mutually beneficial cooperation allows to consider LLC “Komfort i K” one of the leaders in alternative tobacco products sector.

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