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Few tips for e-cigarettes care

Electronic cigarette – a small device that runs on batteries, it is very similar to conventional cigarette. Some e-cigarettes look like small flashlights or quill pens they often have a vaporizer through which special liquid is supplied from the cartridge and is converted into vapor.

The popularity of e-cigarettes is growing every year, therefore, there are questions about how to use them, how to refill and maintain.

Electronic cigarette consists of three main parts:

  1. Cartridge or clearomizer that contains a special liquid (with or without nicotine, smoker regulates on their own the amount of this substance, buying liquid).
  2. Evaporator through which the liquid from the cartridge converts into vapor when heated. E-cigarette smoker inhales that particular vapor.
  3. Accumulator bank to charge the device.

The popularity of electronic cigarettes increases among young people. Modern and stylish design, as well as a very wide range of liquid tastes promote electronic cigarette. If the choice of cigarettes tastes is enough limited, using the electronic cigarette, you can diversify your world and try to vape with taste of cola or chocolate, for example.

In addition, many celebrities promote e-cigarettes in magazines, music videos and movies. To vape becomes fashionable.

To begin, we offer to understand the principle of e-cigarettes functioning. All is not so difficult as it seems at first glance. Liquid for electronic cigarettes refuels into the cartridge, and then – through the evaporator (the word speaks for itself), this solution turns to vapor. In fact, vaper inhales this vapor as when smoking of tobacco cigarettes. The process of inhaling the vapor is called in English term «vaping», many dictionaries are already added to this neologism. Electronic cigarettes are really a viable alternative to traditional cigarettes and effective way to get rid of nicotine dependence. E-cigarettes are much safer than usual cigarettes, because it is not necessary when they are used to inhale harmful tobacco smoke.
And yet, you need to put electronic cigarettes to good use.

Various flavors and propylene glycol, which are released together with the vapor from e-cigarettes liquid, can irritate the airways and lungs mucosa, thereby exacerbating some diseases, such as bronchitis or asthma. Under strong heating these elements can change the form and produce toxins, such as formaldehyde.

“But with the right use of electronic cigarettes respiratory irritation of the lungs mucous membrane can’t happen!”

Watch for the timely fillings of electronic cigarettes by the liquid and you will be able to avoid unpleasant consequences.

Today, at the legislative level, electronic cigarette labeling is not governed, so restriction of access to the product for children is not indicated, as well as the amount of nicotine in the liquids. Consequently, the concentration of nicotine may vary. Choosing e-liquid for electronic cigarettes, pay attention to the amount of nicotine in it. You can buy the liquid without this substance, with various pleasant tastes.

The liquid of nicotine, which is a part of the solution for filling the cartridge of electronic cigarettes, even in a small amount can be poisonous for small children, if swallowed, and can cause burns in contact with skin. You must really keep an eye on children and keep the liquid for refilling e-cigarettes in inaccessible place for them.

Pay attention to the fire safety engineering during storage of electronic cigarettes, because this is technique.

Nevertheless, the liquid poisoning cases for electronic cigarettes happen, and you need to know what to do in such cases. You can poison by nicotine in liquid form in three ways: in swallowing, inhalation, and in contact with skin.

It is important to know! Symptoms of poisoning by nicotine with liquid:

  1. Nausea or vomiting
  2. Cardiopalmus
  3. The nervousness and dizziness
  4. Labored breathing
  5. Convulsions

If your child or you have any of these symptoms, obtain medical attention without delay. Keep electronic cigarettes, e-liquid and other related materials out of the reach of children and pets. Utilize batteries in environmentally friendly manner.

With proper use electronic cigarettes can be intact for a very long time without requiring replacement and instead giving delicious vaping a lot of time.

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